• 3.03.22
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#NOCAP, meaning authenticity and truth, is a FREE weekly session delivered between 5.30-7.30pm on Wednesdays at the Park Village Education Centre, Wolverhampton WV10 9QE.

It is a “girls only group” that provides a safe space for 11-16 year olds to come together and develop trusting and positive relationships with one another. The ethos of the group is proactive promotion of well-being and empowerment, with the approach being based on meeting the needs of each young person.

Through using shared and sociable activities – it gives an opportunity to help support the group with aspects of positive empowerment, for example topics such as personal safety, understanding consent, understanding self-worth, body positivity, the difference between positive/ negative relationships and developing life skills. Conversational and interactive activities are known to encourage the development of positive rapports; therefore, the aim is that the young people build a positive rapport and trust amongst the group where they can have educational and resourceful conversations, which not only educate them, but also prepare them for their futures.

The project is led by experienced female practitioners who are trained professionals that work extensively with children and young people.

Places are limited, so please book a space in advance.

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