Our History

First launching in 2007 thanks to National Lottery Funding, Switch Midlands was originally called The Switch Project and provided participatory arts based activities for children and young people, specialising in digital arts such as music production, film and photography, hence the name Switch.

Following the 3-years of funding, the outcomes being achieved meant the project became a sustainable social enterprise, regularly being commissioned by schools and local authorities to deliver social and emotional well-being interventions for children and young people. Now with over a decade of success and experience, The Switch Project has become Switch Midlands – better reflecting the reach and impact it has had in the region. We are proud to say that we are one of the leading providers of support for schools, working alongside them to improve the personal development, behaviour and wellbeing of both primary and secondary pupils.

What do pupils think of our service?

94 %

Felt better about life following working with us

90 %

Felt safer after taking part in our programmes

88 %

Were more likely to speak to someone after receiving our support

87 %

Felt more supported at school after our help

Our Social Value

Switch Midlands is a social enterprise and as such we operate entirely in the interests of our social mission. We reinvest more than half of our profits towards our social purpose and we are transparent about how we operate. Social enterprises don’t just offer financial value for your spend, but social value too.​

Our social value is perfectly demonstrated by our Switch Ambassadors programme. This is an opportunity for those pupils who have received our support to go on and develop even further by working towards a mentoring awards and qualifications. These pupils will then act as advocates throughout your school for positivity, motivation and conduct.

Our Social Impact Pledge

Our Social Impact Pledge is that each year we will employ at least one Switch Ambassador of secondary school leaving age to train via an apprenticeship route and become a Switch Coach in their own right.


“Students appeared to build a positive relationship with the Switch Coach and they treated each individual student with respect and made them feel important.”


“I think Switch is just brilliant. Not only do they support the child, but also the parent/carer if needed. They communicated everything with me and always worked together to find a way forward.”


“I loved it, I had support when things weren’t great for me and it changed the way I cope with everything at school and at home. Thank you!”


“Switch has worked with a number of our students. They offer fantastic support for those young people we believe are in need of additional social, emotional and mental health support.”


“Switch provides a very calm and engaging environment for the young people in need of support.”


“Absolutely delighted with the service you provide our school. the city is lucky to have your provision where others have failed.”


“We have been really pleased with the outcomes for the children who have accessed Switch. Keep doing what you’re doing! … or maybe do some more of the same!”

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