“Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose.”

Edward de Bono

We focus on the “WHY” before anything else. Why do pupils behave the way they do? Then, how can we support them by developing such things as self-confidence, self-efficacy, communication skills, a positive mind-set and attitude. These are the questions we ask every day. We’re passionate about supporting pupils, families, and schools across the Wolverhampton – powering the potential of vulnerable children who need extra support.

We have built our values around the Golden Circle Model working from the inside, out.

We believe our approach to social and emotional well-being is the most positive way to help those who are at risk from school exclusion. We see early intervention as the key to our success and by working together, we can work towards preventing exclusions in Wolverhampton schools.




We have a long track record that proves our programmes successfully impact pupils’ social and emotional well-being. Our fantastic staff have years of experience and expertise in behaviour management and family support to provide the best service possible. We have been developing and fulfilling these values for over 10 years and have seen our service consistently deliver results for pupils, their families, and schools.


Our support involves working with pupils both in and out of the school environment, supporting their families and assisting schools with behaviour and attendance strategies. We take a comprehensive approach and keep pupils’ well-being at the heart of everything we do.