• 9.11.21
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Social and emotional learning: An evidence review

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) publishes an evidence review on the impact of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) inUK schools, finding that SEL can play a central role in helping children to develop the skills for educational success and lifelong wellbeing.

Analysis of school-based, universal social and emotional learning programmes assessed impact on:

Social and emotional skills (identifying emotions from social cues, goal setting, perspective taking, interpersonal problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision making);
attitudes towards self and others (including self-perceptions e.g., self-esteem, self- concept, and self-efficacy);

School bonding (e.g. attitudes toward school and teachers, and conventional i.e., pro-social beliefs about violence, helping others, social justice, and drug use), positive social behaviour;

Conduct problems;

Emotional distress, and;

Academic performance.

Visit the EPI website  to read the report in more detail.

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